Flyer for bereavement group at The Harbour

Bereavement Group flyers

We are proud to hold Bereavement Groups for people living with Grief.

Groups offer you the freedom to communicate your experience honestly and sensitively with others, with a view to processing your experience of loss, change and grief.

We have produced some flyers for sharing our Bereavement Group information – and hope that you enjoy – and share – them!

In Group Therapy, you can:

  • Explore the impact of bereavement on yourself and your relationships in a safe, confidential group setting.
  • Explore your respective histories of dealing with losses, to gain a broader perspective.
  • Exchange thoughts, feelings and insights with others in a supportive way.

In particular, therapy groups offer you the following benefits:

  • Your relationships with others (and with yourself) can be transformed by exchanging similarities and differences with others undergoing a bereavement.
  • Participating in a safe, confidential group environment based on mutual respect can reduce feelings of isolation following a bereavement.
  • The opportunity to evolve a new perspective on life, and a sense of being more centred and grounded in your relationships.