Enquire about therapy

The Harbour supports adults (18+) who have been affected by life-threatening physical illness. If you are seeking therapy, live in Bristol or surrounding areas and have been affected in one or more of the following ways please click the link below. 

  • I am facing death or dying (defined as having a serious or life threatening illness).
  • I am close to someone who is facing death or dying (includes family members, friends, and loved ones).
  • I have been bereaved as the result of a physical illness within the past two years*.

*From our experience over many years, we have found that the immediate aftermath of a bereavement may not be the best time to access our services, and so we would ask you to wait three months from the bereavement before making contact with us.

If none of the statements above apply to you, we are unable to offer you counselling at this time. We are unable to offer counselling to people whose bereavement was due to trauma, such as a suicide or road traffic accident. Please see our signposting page for a comprehensive list of other organisations which may be able to support you, here

We are a small charity and we ask all clients, if they are able, to contribute toward the cost of their therapy at a rate of £65 per session. If £65 is not possible for clients, we invite them to determine a sum which feels right for them. For those clients for whom a contribution is not possible we offer fully funded sessions. 

We cannot accept referrals from third parties. If you are a professional with a query about our service please email info@the-harbour.org.uk