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As we start a new year, the grief support service provided by The Harbour is as vital as ever. In 2024 we will strive to reach those most in need in our community, removing barriers to our accessibility, particularly in more disadvantaged areas of Bristol. The ability to pay will never be a barrier to access our vital service and we will always offer free and subsidised counselling. Please donate and help us to help people when they need it most. 

 Anything that you are able to contribute would be so greatly appreciated and would make such a difference to our small but vital charity.

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You can help people in emotional distress

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The Harbour is a small but vital charity which provides support for people facing death, dying and bereavement. The service we offer is unique in Bristol, and the ripple effect we have in the community cannot be underestimated.

We rely on the generosity of our donors and funders to enable us to be there for people facing some of the most difficult of circumstances. Each donation, no matter the size, makes a huge difference to our charity and to the people we support.

Our clients are the ones who can best tell you the impact of our service. You can hear more about the difference that your donation makes by clicking here.

By supporting The Harbour

You will:

  • Ensure people in our local communities have the support they need to live through terminal illness and the loss of a loved one
  • Support significant improvements in mental and emotional wellbeing for people facing very challenging life events
  • Reassure people in emotional distress that help is there when they reach out for the support they need
  • Add value to our local communities by improving mental health and wellbeing and increasing opportunities for active engagement

Pat’s story

The day my husband died I had an existing appointment at The Harbour.

I left the hospice, sorted out a funeral director, and then it seemed only natural to go to The Harbour.

I do remember my counsellor’s sharp intake of breath when I told him that my husband had died just hours before, but he barely faltered.

This was my slot, he said, and of course it was fine for me to come.

I am not the only person The Harbour supported.

“You’ve been our rock,” said my daughter to me recently, but I was only able to provide that support because I was being supported in my turn.

And, of course, my husband benefited enormously; support from The Harbour gave me the strength to care for him
– beautifully, as he deserved – and he had the comfort of knowing that after his death that support would still be there for me.

I reached out to The Harbour when I was very low, the weekly sessions have allowed me to help myself on the grieving process.

Having somewhere safe to talk about lots of feelings and emotions and have a better understanding of how I can best continue to work through this when the counselling has come to an end.