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We have become aware of an issue with our contact form, which was resolved on 26th of May. If you tried to contact us before this date and haven’t had a response, we encourage you to get back in touch. We will respond to all enquiries as soon as we can. We apologise if this has caused you any issues.

Welcome to The Harbour

Counselling for people facing death, dying and bereavement in Bristol

How can we help?

Our team of therapists at The Harbour believe that each of our clients’ experiences are unique, and for that reason we provide relationship-based, specialist support.

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Individual counselling

Our individual counselling offers one-to-one weekly sessions, providing a space where people can talk and be listened to whilst they explore their experiences with life-threatening illness and/or bereavement.

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Couples counselling

Our couples sessions provide a space for couples who are either dealing with a diagnosis, supporting someone with a life-threatening illness, or require support to cope with a bereavement

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Group therapy

Our group therapy is guided by an experienced group therapist. Groups build a mutually supportive community with other people who share similar experiences.

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Who are we?

We believe that everyone in Bristol should have a safe space to talk and be listened to when they face death, dying and bereavement. We provide individual, couples and group counselling for adults affected by life-threatening illness.

We offer people a safe space as they deal with complex emotions surrounding death and dying; where they can talk and be listened to without fear of judgement.

We run an expert service to support people in their grief, believing that everyone should be able to access the support they need regardless of financial circumstances.

We are a charity for the community, supporting people as they face death, dying and bereavement.

Whether you are personally experiencing an illness, supporting someone who is, or coming to terms with a bereavement The Harbour is here to help.

Our impact

Our clients are the people who can best explain the impact that our work has. For more testimonials from our clients, visit our testimonials page.

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