About Us

About our organisation


We believe that everyone in Bristol should have a safe space to talk and be listened to when they face death, dying and bereavement. Often, people who most need access to our counselling services face financial challenges as a result of their situation.

That’s why we provide free access to individual, couples, and group counselling for adults affected by life-threatening illness.

Whether you are personally experiencing an illness, supporting someone who is, or coming to terms with a bereavement The Harbour is here to help. We believe it is important to help our clients in finding their own ways to come to terms with their experiences.

Our Passion

We have provided over 40,000 counselling sessions since The Harbour was founded by Jill Brown in 1992. Each year we help people with a variety of experiences relating to a life-threatening illness. Our team of therapists at The Harbour believe that each of our clients’ experiences are unique, and for that reason we provide relationship-based, specialist support.

We do not believe in strategies, or good and bad ways of responding to these experiences. Instead, we believe the opportunity to talk with an experienced therapist can empower clients to find ways of talking about and working through their situation. In counselling, clients have the opportunity to confront their most challenging responses to death, dying and bereavement.

Many of our clients have told us that building a trusting, therapeutic relationship with a therapist has enabled them to share their most uncomfortable emotions. Last year, 99% of our clients rated their relationship with their therapist as good or excellent. We aim to recognise that an individual’s response to being affected by a life-threatening illness might bring up feelings that might be difficult to share with family and friends. The Harbour provides a space where these feelings are validated and legitimised.

I reached out to The Harbour when I was very low, the weekly sessions have allowed me to help myself on the grieving process.

Having somewhere safe to talk about lots of feelings and emotions and have a better understanding of how I can best continue to work through this when the counselling has come to an end.

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