What is counselling

Counselling provides an opportunity to talk about your thoughts and feelings with a professionally trained counsellor. Counselling sessions happen at the same time each week. From our experience this consistency and commitment provides the opportunity to explore and better understand your thoughts and feelings.

Who can access our service

To use The Harbour’s counselling service, you must be over the age of 18, live in Bristol or the surrounding areas and have one of the following statements apply:

  • I have a life-threatening illness
  • I am close to someone who is facing death or dying (this includes family members, friends, and loved ones)
  • I have been bereaved following illness (within the past two years)

We only offer counselling to people three months after being bereaved. This is because, from our experience over many years, we know that the immediate aftermath of a bereavement is not the best time to access our service.

What we offer


Our individual counselling offers one-to-one weekly sessions, providing a space where people can talk and be listened to whilst they explore their experiences with life-threatening illness and/or bereavement.


Our couples sessions provide a space for couples who are either dealing with a diagnosis, supporting someone with a life-threatening illness, or require support to cope with a bereavement


Our group therapy is guided by an experienced group therapist. Groups build a mutually supportive community with other people who share similar experiences.